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JOB POSTING: Communications and Outreach Director

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POSITION: Director of Communications and Outreach

ABOUT US: is a new think tank that is focussed on telling stories of everyday Canadians and how they’re affected by government policies.

Simply put, we’re showing how everyday people are affected by a tax increase, a government health care policy decision, a natural resource project that has held up by government red tape, etc.

We communicate those stories through short videos, newspaper columns and media interviews. Those stories are complemented by new research we’re conducting and the work of other reputable think tanks in Canada.

We see opportunity, choice and responsibility as three pillars for the successful, self-governing nation envisioned by Canada’s founders.

As a growing organization, we’re looking to hire some help.

JOB DESCRIPTION: We’re looking for someone to join our team either on a part-time or full-time basis.

As Director of Communications and Outreach, you will:

  • Work remotely in a flexible work environment
  • Help us find everyday Canadians who are willing to publicly share their experience with government policies
  • Manage our social media platforms
  • Conduct interviews online and in-person (some travel required) and provide direction to our video team during editing
  • Write columns, help draft news releases, assist with editing content
  • Participate in media interviews
  • Other duties as assigned


  • We’re looking for a self-motivated candidate who is prepared to work independently
  • The ideal candidate will be aware of major public policy issues in Canada and have a background in communications
  • Preference will be given for someone located in eastern Canada
  • Above all, the director must be enthusiastic and committed to the mission of


  • This position reports to the president and will provide a monthly activity report each month that outlines progress on annual performance measurements
  • After an initial six-month review, the president and CEO will conduct a comprehensive job evaluation

Compensation will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

TO APPLY: Interested candidates should send their resume and a cover letter that explains their relevant experience – to Colin Craig:

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