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Many relaxed regulations are helping Canadians

  • is keeping a running list of relaxed government regulations across Canada that are helping Canadians released today a running listing of various rules and regulations that government bodies in Canada have been relaxing to help people and businesses cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are seeing lots of examples of governments helping people and businesses by simply getting out of the way,” said President Colin Craig. “Whether we’re talking about waived regulations allowing distilleries to produce hand sanitizer or restaurants to provide alcohol with deliveries, these changes are making a difference for the better. There’s a good news story here.”

Some examples include:

  • Allowing restaurants to sell alcohol with delivery orders
  • Fast-tracking the approval of equipment to help hospitals fight COVID-19, including relaxing bilingual restrictions
  • Virtual visits with doctors
  • Greater financial flexibility around retirement income withdrawals
  • Easing noise restrictions to help grocery stores restock at night

Craig noted that once COVID-19 is contained, governments could continue to help Canadians and businesses by establishing permanent red tape review processes. According to Canadian Federation of Independent Business research, unnecessary red tape costs Canadian small businesses alone over $10 billion each year.

“It’s common for governments to set up a panel to review red tape, then act on some of the panel’s recommendations and then shut the process down for years on end,” added Craig. “Establishing permanent red tape review committees could help governments stay on top of timely and important public needs as society evolves.”

To view’s running list – click here.

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