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Poll Results: Canadians’ thoughts on health care

As part of’s ongoing research into health care, we contracted Nanos Research to conduct some public opinion research. This policy brief summarizes the results of six health care questions that we posed to the public between February 29-March 3, 2020.

“Those advocating for health reform will be pleased to note a majority of Canadians support allowing the private sector to provide more options,” said President Colin Craig. “The research also found that half of Canadians believe our system needs to do a better job with existing funds rather than simply spending more tax dollars.”

Highlights of the findings, include:

  • 41% of Canadians think the health care system costs the average adult $1,000 per year or less. Studies suggest the figure is closer to $4,000.

  • 20% of Canadians are satisfied with the health care system while 46% are somewhat satisfied. Conversely, 14% are not satisfied, 19% are somewhat not satisfied and 1% don’t know.

  • 81% of Canadians agree or somewhat agree with the idea of governments publicly disclosing each year the number of patients that die while on a waiting list.

  • 50% of Canadians believe the health care system needs to do a better job with the funds it receives right now versus 41% that believe it requires more funding.

  • 87% of respondents indicated they had visited a family doctor within the past three years, 67% indicated they had been to a hospital and 55% had been to a walk-in clinic

  • 51% of respondents agree or somewhat agree with allowing patients to use their own money to pay for procedures at private clinics. 44% oppose or somewhat oppose this option while 5% don’t know.

To view the policy brief – click here.

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