Alberta patient Danny Hozack describes the excellent service he received when he suffered from a retina tear on Christmas eve.

When government programs struggle to provide services, some politicians and special interest groups inevitably suggest the solution is simply for the government to spend even more money. But is that really the answer to our health care system’s woes?

This past December, Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and I drove from Burnaby, B.C. just over the border to a hospital complex in Bellingham (Washington State). We were hoping to talk to Canadians about why they were leaving the country for health care…

Patients should note that the B.C. government and the Canada Health Act have two very different definitions of “extra-billing.”

Big thank you to CKNW’s Lynda Steele for having on her show this week to talk about our new health care video…

Here’s an interesting story from the New Brunswick wing of the CBC.

Over the past few months we’ve been doing lots of health care research and have come across a few interesting stories about health care in “communist” China.

We noticed a couple examples of how Ottawa is sending mixed signals when it comes to private health care in Canada.

CEO Troy Lanigan discusses the story behind