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MRI choice for patients has grown substantially

Should you be allowed to use your own money to try to improve your health?
A quarter century ago, it was a controversial decision for the Alberta government to say “yes” to that question when it came to allowing private MRI scans.

Give the gift of a private MRI scan?

With Christmas just around the corner,, a new Canadian think tank, released a report that examines which provinces allow Canadians to purchase a private MRI scan for themselves or for a loved one.

Rick Baker’s story

As part of our medical tourism research, sat down with Rick Baker, founder of Timely Medical Alternatives.

Treatment in Tijuana? Alberta patient tells her story

Tracy Skinner struggled with back pain for 13 years. The surgery she received in Calgary didn’t work and the government told her there was nothing they could do … “here’s more painkillers.”

Thankfully for Tracy, she found treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

Retired nurse shares patient experiences

Janet Walker, a former nurse and adjunct professor, sat down with to discuss her research into what some Canadian patients experienced while they waited for health care.