Category: Natural Resource Development

Quebec’s Green Opportunity

Why does Quebec spend billions of dollars each year importing natural gas when it could develop and use its own local natural gas resources instead? That’s what we investigated …

Oil and having a baby

Could you imagine raising a baby without using any products that are made from oil? Watch this clip and let us know.

Oil in a Tesla

Some people want governments to keep oil in the ground. Can you guess how that would that affect an electric car like a Tesla?

Oil and your grocery store

Some environmentalists want governments to simply “keep oil in the ground.” How would that affect your grocery store? We visited a grocery store in Winnipeg to learn more about how that would affect your shopping experience.

New tech, lower emissions has been doing research into natural resource development and climate change. One interesting story we came across involves Berg Chilling Systems, an Ontario company that has developed technology that helps oil and gas companies reduce their emissions.