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Another major project bites the dust

New Canadian think tank updated its list of stalled or cancelled major natural resource projects today following the Supreme Court’s rejection of an appeal for the proposed $1.5 billion New Prosperity Mine in British Columbia.

Poll: Canadians want relaxed regulations permanently relaxed

New Canadian think tank released public opinion research today that shows a majority of Canadians support continuing to keep relaxed red tape measures permanent – continue to allow doctors to videoconference with patients, continue to allow restaurants to deliver alcohol with meals and other measures.

Poll: Canadians not-so-extreme about oil

New Canadian think tank released public opinion research today that shows a majority of Canadians don’t have the same views towards the oil and gas sector that anti-oil environmental protestors often advocate.

Poll Results: Canadians’ thoughts on health care

As part of’s ongoing research into health care, we contracted Nanos Research to conduct some public opinion research. This policy brief summarizes the results of six health care questions that we posed to the public

Many relaxed regulations are helping Canadians released today a running listing of various rules and regulations that government bodies in Canada have been relaxing to help people and businesses cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Major projects, major stalls

Following the recent cancellation of the Teck mine in Alberta, updated its list of stalled or cancelled natural resource projects in Canada since 2014. The value of those projects is now more than the equivalent of building an NHL-sized arena every day for a year.

Give the gift of a private MRI scan?

With Christmas just around the corner,, a new Canadian think tank, released a report that examines which provinces allow Canadians to purchase a private MRI scan for themselves or for a loved one.

Report: Double Pensions in Big Cities

New Canadian think tank released today a report that examines large cities in Canada and the double pensions they provide to some municipal employees.

Canadian milk prices 29% higher than in U.S. released a new policy brief today that examines milk prices in the U.S. and Canada. The study calculated that Canadians are paying approximately 29% more per litre of milk than American consumers …